Good health starts with good food. And where there is good health, there is the ability to learn, play and give back. Without healthy food, the cycle of food insecurity is perpetuated. Eating healthy, balanced meals is especially challenging in our community for the 1 in 4 kids who don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

A child is ready to learn and to be healthy when everyone – their family, school and the community – works together to support their growth. The Middle Georgia Community Food Bank facilitates partnerships between the school, family, and community during on Mobile Food Distributions. The purpose of these partnerships is to coordinate and activate health and education resources to hungry children.  Our Hunger Round tables include members from the community, local businesses, schools and medical profession that can serve as leaders in developing partnerships and improving the health of students.

A hungry child cannot focus in school – they struggle to perform in the classroom, consistently scoring lower than their peers.

In order to ensure that food-insecure children in Georgia have the nutritious food they need to grow, learn and thrive, the Food Bank partners with several hospitals and clinics to distribute nutritional and health information for young children during our emergency food distributions. We need you to support our efforts.