June 19, 2020


To our donors:


In these difficult times, we are grateful to you for your generous support.  Without your support, we could not feed the thousands of families in 24 counties we serve who rely on MGCFB for their most basic needs.


You may have seen the recent article in The Macon Telegraph regarding alleged fraud committed by Julie Anne Nutter, MGCFB’s former CFO.  Please know that MGCFB conducted a proper background check before hiring Ms. Nutter, and that background check raised no concerns prior to her hiring.  Thereafter, as part of its oversight, MGCFB’s Board discovered financial irregularities regarding Ms. Nutter’s expenditures in 2019.  The Board then turned those irregularities over to local authorities for possible prosecution.


MGCFB has made additional internal management changes to make certain that nothing like this ever happens again, as we know that your continued support is dependent on MGCFB being good stewards of your dollars. Finally, please note that MGCFB has maintained appropriate insurance coverage and expects to be made whole for its loss.


Thank you for your generosity and support of our community.