The Need - Many Suffer Alone in Silence

Parents are struggling to feed children that are not receiving school lunches based upon the school closures. Thousands of unemployed food service workers are in a state of shock struggling to locate resources to feed their families.  Business Closures and widespread unemployment has increased the number of homeless families living in temporary shelters, extended-stay hotels and automobiles.   Our sequestered population of seniors in Central Georgia are afraid to leave their homes to access food because they fear the contagious nature of the virus.  From a volunteer perspective, the Corona Virus has curtailed the Food Bank’s ability to gather large groups of volunteers to build healthy food packages for this increased demand.

Based upon the exponential increase in requests for Mobile Pantries, shelf stable food, vegetables and fruits, our staff members, vehicles and food resources are being stretched.   Our team is working on weekends and overtime throughout the week to address these new demands.  These unforeseen circumstances have required that the Food Bank adjust its typical food distribution methodologies and channel management techniques to ensure that residents impacted by COVID-19 have access to healthy meals.