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The following volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM:

  • Sorting products (salvage operation)
  • "Come Bag with Me" (Brown Bag Program)
  • "Deliver the Goods" (food distribution)
  • Loading and unloading trucks, pulling orders, stacking products, sweeping and cleaning, and yard work (general warehouse duties)

Any volunteer service is greatly needed and appreciated. Please fill out our online volunteer form to apply.

How to Donate
Product donations can be made by delivery to our warehouse at 4490 Ocmulgee East Boulevard between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM. Arrangements can be made for our staff to pick up large donations by calling (478) 742-3958. Contact people include Mike Morrison, Operations/Warehouse Manager; or Linda Consolazio, Administrative Assistant.

To give a tax-deductible monetary donation, you can either donate online or fill out our standard form, print it and mail it to the following address:

Middle Georgia Community Food Bank, Inc.
P.O. Box 5024
Macon, GA 31208-5024

How to Start a Food Pantry Program
Establish, appoint, elect, or otherwise select a governing body for the purpose of establishing a Food Pantry. What controls do you wish to place in force? What will be your governing body's by-laws? How will the proposed Food Pantry be managed? Who will be responsible and accountable? Where is accountability directed? Will you operate your nonprofit program under a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status? Under the sponsorship of an existing 501(c)(3) agency? Under a church sponsorship?

Identify a specific service area in which you wish to establish your Food Pantry. Is the proposed service area too small? Too large? Will there be any duplication of services within the proposed service area? Will the possible clients be able to utilize your services readily? Is transportation a problem?

Determine the specific need or needs in your community. Is it for children, the elderly, homeless, and/or families? Are there other organizations in existence that are meeting the specified need or needs? Is collaboration possible to eliminate duplication in services? Identify the numbers of individuals within the area of need.

Determine the availability of volunteers and/or paid staff to fulfill the requirements of your services. Do you need individuals with specific abilities? Do you need any professionals? Is there sufficient labor force for the organization's needs?

Locate and establish a physical facility that will accommodate your proposed organization and services. Is the facility relatively clean and dry? Can the insects and rodents be controlled? Is the facility accessible to the clients you wish to serve? Does it have handicap accessibility? Is the facility large enough? What are the ordinances, laws, and governing entities involved in the control of your proposed facility and/or the operation of your proposed program?

Estimate your costs in occupancy, operation, staffing, products, security, equipment, etc. Where will you receive your funding? Do you have someone that can identify and generate the necessary tools for generating funds and/or in-kind donations? Can you identify and establish a volunteer core? Can you create and follow a budget?

In writing, outline specifically the day-to-day operational guidelines for your proposed Food Pantry. What will be the criteria for client participation? Will you base participation on self-declared need? Income levels? Screened needs? Will you accept referrals? If so, from whom? How will you control the services offered? What will be the guidelines for staff and volunteers? Can you identify and create a job description for each of your job duty categories? What will be your operational hours? The better you define your operation, the better your chance at success.

Plan the layout of your facility and set up your physical needs. Where will the clients be screened, counseled, and aided? Have you complied with the MGCFB's "Handbook for Participating Agencies" in setting up your storage and display areas? How will you control your flow of "traffic"? Are there possibilities for anonymity?

Identify possible sources for products that you will utilize in your organization. Where will you get products? Food? Clothing? Furniture? Appliances? Etc.

Apply to the MGCFB for the services that are rendered to Participating Agencies with the knowledge that these services are, by necessity, supplementary to your total program.

The Hunger Action Center
The Hunger Action Center [www.HungerActionCenter.org] was developed and is run by America's Second Harvest organization, a network of more than 200 member food banks and food-rescue organizations across the country. The purpose of the Hunger Action Center is to raise awareness about the problem of hunger in our communities and to encourage individuals to get involved in advocacy to help prevent hunger.

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