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About The Middle Georgia Community Food Bank

The Middle Georgia Community Food Bank exists to supply food and other commodities to 501(c)(3) Participating Agencies helping needy people in Middle Georgia. The mission of the MGCFB is to provide the maximum amount of food possible to our Participating Agencies at the lowest possible cost to reach the maximum number of needy people.

The explicit purpose of the Food Bank is the salvaging of surplus food. Mistakes in food processing, overproduction, and distribution become a source of supply for the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank.

The Middle Georgia Community Food Bank solicits, transports, sorts, stores, and distributes millions of pounds of food every year to the needy, hungry, and homeless in Middle Georgia through its participating 501(c)(3) charitable, nonprofit agencies in 24 counties of Middle Georgia. Through this service and its in-house programs, the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank is a vital link in the distribution of food, saving agencies millions of dollars in food costs that can be used in their programs for the needy.

You can help! Call 742-3958 or 741-8777.

History - click for more...

  • Founded in 1981 in a closet at the Macon Rescue Mission
  • Incorporated and chartered in 1982
  • Present location established in 2006
  • Annual distribution averages 6.5 million pounds through 310 participating agencies in 24 Middle Georgia counties

Service Area
Though the Middle Georgia Community Food Bank does not have an agency in every county, we do have several Participating Agencies that serve several different counties so that all of our assigned counties are being serviced by a Participation Agency. Click here for a list of our service counties and a map of our service area.

Services Offered

  • The solicitation of products
  • The transportation of products
  • The storage of products
  • The sorting of products
  • The distribution of products

In House Programs - click for more...

  • OPCAR (Operation Partnership/Children At Risk)
  • Brown Bags for Senior Citizens
  • The Hunger Project
  • State Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
  • USDA Food Distribution
  • The Toy Room
  • Mobile Food Pantry
The only fee charged is a Service Maintenance Fee designed to charge the Participating Agency for our services based on the volume of products the Participating Agency uses at each shopping visit. Current fees are set at 18 cents per pound.

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